The GFBI is a private not-for-profit corporation registered in Canada. The mission
of the GFBI is to support and encourage the growth of family businesses globally
by providing educational programs based on family business needs found through
research. The research and educational programs will be implemented at the local
level and in partnership with their community organizations and educational providers.

Grucorp Services Inc. provides import, export and business facilitation services to
a variety of firms.  We primarily focus on exporting international and Canadian
products to Asia that include food, wine, consumer products and construction materials.  
Our team is comprised of professionals and partners situated both in Canada, Europe
and Asia.

The Toronto Business Academy (TBA) is a private educational institution to serve
the post secondary needs of European students seeking to enhance their 
education in Canada.

The mission of the TBA is to facilitate business education through international 
experiences and resources. It hopes to create a positive and stimulating learning 
environment for young perspective entrepreneurs, who are willing to work hard 
and participate in team learning. 

Professor Dr. Laurence Hewick is their Academic Director and the program is 
sponsored through Hewick Research Inc.